Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions provides Internet access to accounts for our merchants (eMerchantSupport) See below for descriptions and link to this services.
eMerchant Support
Online account access for merchants For easy access, click on (eMerchantSupport)
eMerchantSupport is complete access online to your merchant account reports. Often wherever you can connect to the Internet is where you do business. MCPS makes managing the payment processing side of your business easy by providing a secure, fast and convenient way to access your processing data anytime.
There is no extra software to purchase or download. You can view your single location or multiple locations at a glance. Accessible data is at your fingertips, including:
  • » Daily batch reports
  • » Transaction details
  • » Past statements
  • » Deposit history
  • » Chargeback data
  • » Retrievals
Robust reporting features combined with easy navigation offer a detailed accounting of all your merchant activity, down to an individual transaction.
Visit eMerchantSupport now where we have created a self-sufficient web interface. You don’t have to contact your sales representative or customer support – once you sign up, you are ready to go.
  • » # Click the link titled “If you are a new user, click here to register.”
  • » Enter your name, merchant id#, social security # (or federal tax id#), and bank account number. Note: This information will tie into the MCPS database for validation purposes only.
  • » Select a username and password. Enter the password once again and click submit.
Your eMerchant Support account now is ready to use !
If you ever forget your password simply go to and select the link titled “Click here to reset the password.” Once the new password is chosen and submitted, the previous password is deleted and the new one takes effect immediately.
eMerchantSupport is just $9.95/month with your first month free of charge. It’s easy to use and easier to sign-up.
How to Read A Statement
Reviewing and analyzing your Bankcard Statement can be a daunting task, but Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions is here to make your job easier. We have provided an easy to follow road-map of your monthly statement. Click on the link below to see a sample copy of your statement and learn step-by-step how to quickly get the information you need most.
Call 1-800-380-9060 to sign up. The information is there and using it to manage your business is quick and easy! Sign up today!
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