How Can MCPS Help Your Business?
MCPS can offer its merchants a variety of services and benefits. In fact, when you use MCPS, some immediate benefits include the following
Visa MasterCard Discover Amex:
These days’ customers require all vendors to give them a credit card payment option with Visa and MasterCard being at the top of the list of cards consumers have in their wallets. As of December 31, 2008, in the United States, there were more than 668 million Visa-branded cards. Visa cards are accepted at more than 29 million merchant outlets worldwide and 1.4 million ATMs in 200 countries and territories. MasterCard provides services in more than 210 countries and territories. As of December 31, 2008, 981 million MasterCard cards have been issued around the world. Merchants that offer consumers the ability to pay with credit card have an advantage in expanding their customer base, increasing customer satisfaction, and increasing revenue.
Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions offers Visa/MasterCard processing to all types of industries and we can customize a solution for you.
Retail, Restaurant, Government, Supermarket, Convenience Store/Gas Station
Mail Order/Telephone Order, eCommerce, Wireless
Not only can Merchants' Choice provide you with payment solutions, but we also have unmatched service. Although we process merchant accounts nationally, you will have the feeling of localized, customized service to match your business needs. Unlike other payment processors, our customer service department is part of our company, on-site and working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure your payment processing runs smoothly during business hours. We have a team on hand to provide help at your most critical moments or when you just need to get a question answered. MCPS is here for you.
Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions makes adding payment processing options quick and easy. We also have a full line of terminals to support the payment options you need at the pricing you can afford.
Debit Card Processing:
By accepting debit cards through Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions, your business will be able to access consumers with prepaid cards, payroll cards, check cards, and pin-access debit cards, and signature debit cards. Consumers seem to favor debit cards due to the fact that money is deducted directly from their checking accounts, typically eliminating finance charges and enabling better management of their funds. According to ATM & Debit News, consumers are using debit cards more than credit cards as of 2006.
For you, the business owner, debit transactions are less costly than credit card transactions. You have freed the consumer from the cost and time of writing checks and you have added to your efficiency of service since debit cards are faster in the checkout than cash or checks. Merchants that offer consumers the ability to pay with their debit card have an advantage in expanding their customer base, increasing customer satisfaction, and increasing revenue.
eCommerce Processing:
If you are selling a product or service on the internet via website, you need both a merchant account and an internet payment gateway. MCPS is an authorized agent for the major payment gateway providers. To insure full compatibility and integration with your website, a few of our recommended gateways are: E-Processing Network, Authorize Net, and Plug-N-Pay.
Check Guarantee/ Check Truncation:
EZ Check offers a complete line of check acceptance solutions including guarantee, electronic check transfer (ECT), or "truncation". These can be processed through your existing terminal, or by a separate check reader or check imager.
Check Drafting and ACH Capability:
By entering customer's information into the ACH software you can automatically debit their accounts in one easy step. A simple way to avoid past due invoices, accept check payment over the phone or by fax, and keep past payments organized.
EBT Government Cards
Using government issued debit cards to deliver government benefit funds, such as food stamps, public assistance, and social security, using. Acceptance can be integrated with your existing credit card terminal in most cases.
Cash Advance & Business Loans
First funds is the preeminent provider of unsecured cash advances to support the growth of small business enterprises. Application process is fast, and payback is automatic. Two years in business, with a 3-month credit card processing history, is the minimum requirement to qualify.
Gift and Loyalty Cards:
Move over gift certificates - loyalty and gift cards are here to stay! Whereas gift certificates often required cash back if consumers did not select a purchase for the whole amount, gift and loyalty cards retain balances, luring consumers back to your store. Once thought to be services only for large merchant or chain stores, gift and loyalty cards are now for your business.
  • » Inexpensive to start Customizable
  • » Easy to use for you and your customer
  • » Online tracking Build brand awareness Build customer loyalty
  • » Increase revenue Get cash now for purchases later can be used to issue refunds instead of cash.
Researchers and economists have shown that spending with gift/loyalty cards or gift certificates make a consumer feel more comfortable since they are not spending cash money out of their wallet, artificially enabling the customer to spend more at your store. Furthermore, year over year, people increasingly have been purchasing cards for gifts, thereby increasing your customer base. You can even use gift cards as employee incentives.
Legal Age Verification:
If you offer alcoholic beverages or tobacco products, you need Age Verification Services. Merchants that offer these products have the constant problem of trying to validate a consumer's age to ensure legal compliance for their business. The Merchants' Choice Age Verification Service does just this. Our service protects your business by electronically scanning identification cards and driver's licenses to ensure customers are legally allowed to purchase the age-restricted products your business sells.
Protect your liquor license by validating customer ages, avoiding costly fines and suspensions and reducing the expense of costly employee training and re-training. Use MCPS Age Verification Services.
Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions offers Age Verification to all types of industries and we can customize a solution for you.
ATM’s – Cash Ticket:
Scrip is a substitute for money in the form of negotiable coupons that can be used like cash to purchase products or services from merchants who have issued them. Customers use their pin debit cards with the scrip machine and instead of receiving cash; they receive a coupon to use within your store. The machine stands alone on your countertop or on the floor and does not require a cashier - it works like an ATM machine except that it does not issue cash, just coupons.
Merchants that offer consumers the ability to pay with multiple payment options, including cash coupons, have the advantage of expanding their customer base, increasing customer satisfaction, and increasing revenue.
Benefits of Scrip:
  • » No maintenance of cash
  • » ATM Increase customer traffic
  • » Increase average purchase
  • » Lower operating costs
  • » Earn transaction revenue
  • » Streamline customer checkout
  • » Eliminate "bad checks”
  • » Improve customer service
Agent Banks Program:
Sometimes banks do not have the time or resources to enter into merchant account services. Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions ("MCPS") has an agent bank program designed to allow your bank to offer merchant services to your commercial customers while we manage the program behind the scenes. Now your bank can retain the business banking relationship while MCPS manages the merchant payment processing account.
Benefits of the Agent Bank Program
Only one (1) competitive discount buy rate, instead of multiple schedules based on transaction size, volumes, type of business, and card type;
Guaranteed profit margin - but flexibility to accommodate important commercial customers at lesser rates;
Agent Bank bears no acquiring liabilities;
Comprehensive package of merchant services - including credit card processing, T&E card processing, debit card processing, competitive equipment leases and sales, check verification, check guarantee, and check conversion;
24-hour application turn-around and merchant number issuance;
Special packages for retailers, restaurants, inns/hotels, mail order/telephone order businesses, service industry, internet advertisers, home-based businesses, and start-up businesses;
Innovative processing that requires no terminals. Customers can obtain authorizations, capture transactions, and have funds automatically ACH-ed to their DDA account using only their touch-tone or cellular phone;
Free merchant applications and sales brochures customized with your bank's name and logo;
Round-the-clock technical support, as well as in-house risk and underwriting department;
Fast and efficient merchant conversions that require no involvement of bank personnel;
Exceptional customer service; Increased customer loyalty and retention.
With MCPS's same or next day merchant account approvals, you can start accepting credit cards right away. From equipment selection to installation, MCPS provides assistance to meet your credit needs in real-time:
Help you select the right credit card equipment, providing competitive buying/leasing options.
Train you in person on the use of your equipment, answering any processing questions you may have.
Provide "no wait" technical support and customer service via phone or our convenient retail location.
Repair faulty units.
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